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Hearing starts with the brain

Here’s a fact that may surprise you: You hear with your brain– not just your ears. While ears are an important part of the hearing process, the processing and understanding of those sounds happen in the brain. Good hearing helps your brain stay sharp throughout your life – and helps avoid many other health problems. This means hearing health is brain health.

How does hearing work with the brain?

Sound travels from your ears to the brain’s hearing center, where there are two subsystems that continuously work together to help you understand the sound scene around you. These two subsystems are:

  • The orient subsystem: constantly scans your surroundings for a full overview of the sound scene.
  • The focus subsystem: helps you select which sounds to listen to and which sounds to focus your attention
    on—while irrelevant sounds are filtered out.

Brain-friendly hearing aids help against these common issues associated with hearing loss.

A hearing problem becomes a brain problem, which then becomes a life problem. If the brain’s access to sound is limited, as is the case with inadequate treatment of hearing loss, it can lead to serious problems in life including:

  • Accelerated cognitive decline, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Social isolation, depression and anxiety
  • Poor balance and fall-related injuries

Do brain-friendly hearing aids exist?

Thanks to recent advances in hearing aid technology, Oticon products work with the brain to process sound the way it’s meant to happen. By working with the brain, rather than just turning up the volume, Oticon hearing aids provide a more natural and pleasant soundscape, leaving you less tired and better able to remember more of life’s important conversations.

  • Oticon hearing aids give your brain access to the full sound scene – to support your brain in working more effectively
  • They help to ensure your brain receives the quality sound information it needs to remain healthy
  • This unique approach is called BrainHearing™, and it’s what makes Oticon hearing aids unique

To learn more about BrainHearing technology in Oticon hearing aids, talk to a hearing care provider in your area.


We work with these global hearing aid manufacturers. Click on each of the links below to learn more about each of their specific hearing aid features and offerings.

Interton Heaing Aids

Pune Clinic

Aparna Meditronics Bldg Empire Eternity, A wing, Office no 107, 1st floor, Opp Reliance Fresh, Salunkhe Vihar Road, Pune.

Jamnagar Clinic

Adeshwar Plaza, 1st Floor, Shop No.104, near Oswal Hospital, Digvijay Plot, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361005
Click Here for Location

Rajkot Clinic

Landmark Complex, 110, Astron Chowk, Rajkot, Gujarat 360001
Click Here for Location

Surat Clinic

Shop no C2A, Swami Narayan Complex, junction, Kailash Nagar, Majura Gate, Surat, 395001
Click Here for Location

Mumbai Clinic (Chandivali)

Address- C/208, Lake Primrose Commercial Complex , Shop No. 104, C Wing, Chandivali Farm Rd, Chandivali , Mumbai 400076 Click Here for Location

Mumbai Clinic (Seawoods)

SHREEJI HEIGHTS, G-32, Sector-46/A, Karave Nagar, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706 Click Here for Location

Mumbai Clinic (Malabar Hill)

Chamber No 17 , 1st Floor, Sadguru Sadan, above SOAM restaurant, opposite Babulnath Temple, Babulnath, Khareghat Colony, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400007 Click Here for Location

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